Stacker TM

Quick and easy installation with adjustable height and length settings to accommodate every day changing truck bed  needs. In just seconds you can remove it if you need your truck bed completely open then quickly reinstall after. You can quickly remove the legs and slide it in to it's shortest setting so it  will take up very little storage space when not in use. Remember because this Truck Bed Organizer is all aluminum all and light weight all these changes can be made by one person. Once you try the Truck Bed Stacker you will never be able to go back to wasting your truck bed space again. 

Other truck bed organizer products must be ordered specifically for the type of pick up truck you own. They take a lot of time and work to install and then you are stuck with that exact truck bed layout permanently. They are typically heavy reducing your gas mileage and payload capacity . The Truck Bed Stacker is all aluminum, durable, very light weight and adjusts to fit most pick up truck makes and models with a 5.5 or 6 foot bed. This means you can easily transfer from pick up truck to pick up truck when you purchase a new vehicle or if you use a friends truck  for road trips. This is a once in a life time purchase. You can't do that with any other truck bed organizer on the market today. 

Unlike any other truck bed Organizer

Made in America

 All Aluminum

Light weight


Quick & Easy

Multi - Use



Adjust height

Adjust length

Stack it

Keep It Clean

Keep It Dry


All Aluminum, powder coated and weighs less than 65 lbs. The Stacker is precision cut on a state of the art 4,000 watt laser machine then bent to exact specifications with a 150 ton CNC press break. It will fit in your existing truck bed as well as any full size truck you purchase in the future due to it's adjustability ( Not including step side trucks) making this a once in a life time purchase.  Add our Caster Kit to make it easier to get in and out of your truck or use as a Large Cart. Click here to purchase the Caster Kit


Patent Pending​

Truck Bed Organizer/Maximizer