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Is there different models for different makes or models of trucks?

         ​NOTE; For Full Size Trucks Only

                   5 or 6 Foot Boxes

 Be sure to order the correct bed size unit. We have either the 5.5 model or the 6.5 model.  The Brand of Truck or cap does not matter.  If your change from one bed size to another new side rails can be ordered along with more pans.  

What is the minimum/maximum length and width of the stacker?

The max and min lengths are adjusted by adding or removing pans that are about 12 inches wide. You can have either on small 12 shelf in your truck up to a 6ft shelf in a 6.5 ft box. Only up to a 5ft shelf in a 5.5 foot box

Will it work for a truck with a eight foot box?

The stackers maximum length is 6 feet. It can be used in a truck with an 8ft box but will only be able to extend to 6ft. 

Made in America


Light weight


Quick & Easy

Multi - Use

​Sleep on it



Adjust height

Adjust length

Stack it

Keep It Clean

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Is there different models for 5.5 or 6.5 foot boxes?

Yes you must order the correct model for your bed size. 

        Stacker TM

Will it work in SUVs or Suburbans?

No it will not.

​   Patented

How do you install the stacker? 

Easy, It just clamps or bolts to the brackets that hold your cap down. 


How do you adjust the stacker?

The height  is  simply adjusted by different pin hole locations on the legs. The length is adjusted by adding or removing pans. 

Universal Truck Bed Organizer/Maximizer  

What is the load capacity?

Load capacity is 750 lbs of evenly distributed weight. 

What are the shipping costs?

At this time shipping cost to anywhere in the continental US is $50.00. This may change with UPS rate changes. 

How much does it weight?

About 98lbs.  Made of cold roll steal  and fully Powder Coated. 

Can I put a ATV or Snowmobile on it?

NO, DO NOT  put or drive any type of vehicle on to the stacker. It was not designed for this type of use. 

Can I use it with a tonneau cover

​No because it mounts to your cap clamps

What is the Width of the Stacker?

It has some adjustment. Truck bed must be at least

58 inches wide. It will adjust to all full size truck beds 

What is the Warranty?

1-year Limited Warranty

We provide a one year limited warranty on the Truck Bed Stacker.

If you have any problems with the Stacker please contact us we

are here to work with you on taking care of any questions or concerns.

 Truck Bed Stacker  warrants to the original purchaser of this

product that the product will be free from manufacturing defects

in workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) year from

the date of the original purchase. If within one (1) years from the

original date of purchase this product fails due to defect in materials

or workmanship, Stacker will repair. The original purchaser must

contact the Stacker via the contact link on our website and provide

a description of the defective part, including digital pictures if

requested, with the original purchase documentation as validation

of warranty coverage.  Purchaser may be required to ship the product

back to us at there cost for inspection. Once we have inspected the

product and find that the problem is not related to consumer negligence

we will repair  and ship back to you at our cost in addition we may

 credit  your shipping costs. This warranty DOES NOT cover or apply

to:Damage to the product due to misuse, mishandling, and abuse. 

 Products not used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

or recommendations. Product not assembled or installed according

to manufacturer’s instructions.  Normal wear and tear. Undeclared

damage to the system during shipping.  Acts of God. In addition,

consequential damage and incidental damages (including lost time)

such as damage to persons or property are not covered under this warranty.