Open Water

The Truck Bed Stacker keeps the bed of your truck well organized and makes getting at gear quick and easy. A well organized truck bed also prevents expensive equipment damage caused by pilling up gear or shifting loads during transportation. 

Ice Fishing

A must have for every open water and ice fisherman. This Truck Bed Organizer keeps your fishing gear clean, dry and protected above your wet gear such as wet frozen ice shacks, wet ice augers, Tipups, wet fish, waders and spilling minnow buckets. No more broken rod tips. 

​   Patented

        Stacker TM

Universal Truck Bed Organizer/Maximizer  

​A must have for every fisherman

     Open Water & Ice Fishing

Made in America


Light weight


Quick & Easy

Multi - Use

​Sleep on it



Adjust height

Adjust length

Stack it

Keep It Clean

Keep It Dry